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Harry Fieldson's unique analysis of The Urantia Book revelation using trigrams and color to portray Trinity Concept.


Notes on Trinity Concept

  1. Symbols of Self Segmented Infinity
  2. Symbol Key
  3. Symbol Schedules
  4. Eight Triunities
  5. Cross-Sections of the Paradise Surfaces
  6. Existential Unification
  7. Cause and Effect
  8. Dual Energy Levels of the Seven Triunities
  9. Creative Reflectivity
  10. Dual Positions of the Self Existent Sevenfold Deity
  11. Universe Energy Positions
  12. Projecting
  13. Reflecting
  14. Linear Circuits & Reciprocating Circuits
  15. Time Exposures of Gravity Waves
  16. Transcendental Relativity
  17. Paradise Model
  18. Color Map of the Master Universe

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